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The Alt Journal ezine is for all kinds of alternative music. The purpose to give a platform to all bands, big and small, new and old. If you wish to have something featured here be it albums, songs or music videos or you want someone to review your live shows and do an interview please contact me.

About Me

I am a practicing music journalist based in Surrey UK. I've just finished my third year of university at The University For The Creative Arts (UCA) and enjoyed every moment. In the past I have written  for The Wave, The Independent Voice and Metal Rules UK. These were brilliant to write for in the beginning and brought me many wonderful opportunities to review albums, live shows and even interview some bands that I love and admire. 


As of now this is the only website I am working on. I took a short hiatus whilst finishing my degree but now I am back a raring to go. I enjoy all kinds of alternative music but you'll mostly find me listening to punk rock, ska, nu-metal and hard rock. 

I come from a highly musical background having been brought up on all kinds of music and having some kind of instrument to play from the age of 8 onward. I also have a love for writing of any kind. Short stories were something I loved to produce for drama performances or English lessons. Music journalism was the perfect way for me to combine multiple things I was passionate about into one. 

I also love looking into the psychology and social aspects of music and whilst I try my best to be humorous you may find me trying learn more on a subject and sharing it with others too. 

Now that my education is over I intend on working hard to bring this small ezine run by myself to life and making a larger empire out of it. I like to believe that I can do anything that I set my mind to and have done so by meeting many artists that I love over the last few years. 

The media is a powerful tool and so is music. 


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