• Courtney Solloway

Awake At Last - More Than Animals

Far heavier than the previous track I reviewed for these guys. Whilst I loved their song Dead Generation I most definitely prefer this more post-hardcore/metal sound from them.

This track is heavier than that of The Change which featured Ice Nine Kill's, Spencer Charnas. Which is one of my favourite bands (if you didn't know). Charnas has always been incredibly clever both musically and lyrically with Ice Nine Kills and seeing that brought over to those he collaborates with is excellent to.

But, this isn't about The Change, it's about More Than Animals. Which is excellent in it's own rights. Vocalist Vincent Torres brings over his lyrical genius with The Change and Dead Generation to More Than Animals. Each of the songs seem to address their own issues but this one really strikes a chord with me. The mention of no escape and being more than animals. I'm not sure which point of view they're referencing themselves from a human perspective or those of actual animals. Whichever it is the message I interpret it to be is the world is deadly and our bodies are simply prisons to our souls.

As I mentioned in my previous post, when are you coming over to the UK guys? I'll keep pestering with this question until you do.

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