• Courtney Solloway

Everlit - The Call of Gaia

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

This song does not mess around, instantly it kicks in. Watching the lyric video the songs title makes sense. The track seems to be from Earth’s point of view basically giving the big fuck you to human kind, and saying that it will eventually wipe us away if we don’t change.

A cry from the band about global warming and the way we treat the planet we live on it appears. In Greek mythology Gaia is literally the goddess of Earth - in other words - she is Mother Earth.

So, by reading all of the lyrics it is abundantly clear that this really is what the song is about and not just it’s vivid imagery. Musically the song is heavy. I’m a really big fan of the catchy riffs used and the breakdown didn’t leave me disappointed by any means – though it's only a short break as far as breakdowns go. There are many moments that leave you satisfied with the bands choice.

It’s a good song and it’s there to promote the bands upcoming album. If this is only small taster of what is yet to come – I’m excited. .

Words By: Courtney Solloway

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