• Courtney Solloway

Fisti Kuffs - Return To Taco Hell

Right from the outset I could tell this was not only going to be a good punk album but a funny one too. Whilst I've been listening to this band since mid-late March I haven't really had the chance to sit down and do a proper review of their album till now.

I want to give a special mention first off to the Donut Intermission for making me laugh so suddenly because I wasn't expecting it at all. Its following song Donut did just the same. Lyrically these guys will have you in fits.

The next track I want to talk about is If You Die. If you like cowbell and classic punk rock I'm sure you'll like this song. The comedy of Bowling For Soup meets 90s/00's punk this song is fast paced and a real head banger. Check out the video below, which quite frankly, had me giggling throughout.

Another special mention goes to the last track on the album El Psycho. While the guys stick to their punk rock roots they add a little bit of a Mexican twist with the backing vocals and lyrics. There is also a little bit of the Mexican influence in the overall playing of the song. The guitar takes more of a mariachi style to it and we also have the added use of brass instruments such as trumpets and acoustic guitar to add to it.

Whilst all the songs on the album are excellent the three above deserved the highest praise for the simple fact that they stood out the most to me. If you like punk then check this Ipswich based band out on Facebook and Spotify! And with such certainty these guys are your album of the month!

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