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In a SCAR - Arde junto a mí

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Whilst this song was released two years ago it was very recently sent to me by Junichi, the guitarist of the band. They are a J-Rock band living in Barcelona, Spain. Which, to me is strangely surprising, I didn’t realise firstly that Spain had a J-Rock scene let alone their own J-Rock band, in which the singer is speaking Japanese of course. In the video sent to me the band appear to be dressed in different levels visual-kei inspired clothing. Junichi being the most committed to this look. However, he appears to be the only Japanese member of the band – though I could be entirely wrong in this, though the bands Facebook page claim they are a mix of Japanese and Spanish members.

The song follows typical J-Rock styles for the most part, that is until a breakdown where there are elements of screamo and it becomes much heavier. A olo follows shortly after – which was entertaining and very well executed.

It’s a shame to me that whilst this band plays shows quite frequently, that they only released one music video more recently titled Zero Eterno. I don’t know if this was released as a solo track or if it is part of an album, but I would like to see more from them. They're overall reminiscent of other very popular J-Rock bands such as SID and The GazettE, both that are in fact favourites of mine. Considering who they remind me of the band have potential to go quite far. I hope that in time they will release more and possibly come over to the UK.

Words By: Courtney Solloway

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