• Courtney Solloway

Jarod Lawley - Gordon's Gin

When Jarod contacted me directly after being passed on through a friend I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. He described the track as alternative/indie pop with a creepy vintage edge. We sent a few back and forth messages and I found out we had been writing with the same ezine's in the past so I expected something within the alt rock section of music. What I was greeted with however, was totally different.

To my absolute delight I was greeted with a gorgeous bluesy track that had a 50's/60s air about it. The use of old movie clips helps add to this. Lawley's voice is low, real low. It's absolutely chilling to listen to, it has a Jace Everett 'Bad things' feel to it.

The song is very minimalist. There is only one guitar to accompany Lawley's voice giving it that eerie feel. But it doesn't need anything more than that. It's perfect just as it is. I can imagine listening to this live and having my hair stand on end as it plays out. I'm in awe of the sheer talent in this song and the talent of this 21 year old from London. The simplicity has made something so different and brilliant. I can't wait to hear more from this artist.

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