• Courtney Solloway

Kaima - Liar Liar!

2019 is the year women are going to take over in rock n roll. I can feel it in my gut. Kaima sent this track to me a short while back and unfortunately I haven't been able to get to it until now. I was missing out for sure.

A song for the people that have ever done you wrong, it is a huge screw you, good bye and good riddance to them. It has a very Halestorm feel to it, and I hope they doesn't mind me saying so. But the singer Kaima is the UK's equivalent of Lzzy Hale. A woman full of talent and exuding confidence, this is a classic rock n roll song with all the modern spins to make it original. Now just because of I've said they have a Halestorm feel that does not mean that they sound exactly like them, because they don't. They have enough originality to be their own band but just to give you a small insight to their sound that's why the comparison is there.

This song has some killer vocals, strong riffs and a bloody excellent solo. I've even watched a live video of the band performing this song and it sounds just as it did when professionally recorded which is what every band should aim for. These guys however seem to have done it effortlessly.

I can't wait to see what else this band releases in the coming months. Hopefully we'll have something new soon!

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