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Pink Fly - Happy

I'm so happy (get it) to announce Pink Fly's debut song Happy! If you haven't heard it yet then you should most definitely check it out and I promise that you won't regret it.

Pink Fly is the newest band of Reneé Phoenix who is known not only for her solo stuff but with her previous bands Fit For Rivals and The Explicits. There are many long time fans such as myself who have been anxious to hear the things she's been keeping under wraps for far too long. And since its release last week I've had it constantly on repeat and searing it into my brain because it's just so damn good.

From L-R: Renee Phoenix, Val Sepulveda and Anel Pedrero

This song is like a good mix of old school grunge, some punk and a sprinkle of kick ass attitude. For a three piece band consisting of: Renee Phoenix (vocals, guitar), Val Sepulveda (drums, vocals) and Anel Pedrero (bass, vocals), this trio make a whole lot of noise. As the feedback of the guitar rings in their instruments a riff introduces Phoenix's vocals as the guitar kicks in and out leaving plenty of heavy bass to keep you satisfied. And if you know anything about me and what I love listening to, you'll know by now that a good bass-line will always keep me satisfied.

Reneé has always had a very unique voice and her vocals are absolutely excellent. They not only make for great listening but they also portray what she is singing about. The lyrics themselves are excellent. It's pretty much a big fuck you to society and who doesn't feel that way sometimes? It's also a shout to never change who you are for anyone else and how we put on a mask for people. At least that's how I've interpreted it.

This song has plenty of noise, breakdowns and female empowerment to keep you set for weeks. If you don't believe me then check it out for yourselves! And guess what they are the single of the month!

I would also like to pass on a huge congratulations to the band for winning the award of Best Music Video 2019 at queerX. Such an amazing achievement so early on in the bands career is a brilliant sign of things to come!

If you want to keep up with Pink Fly news then keep coming back here because I will continue to cover their journey!

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