• Courtney Solloway

Revolution Summer EP release @ The London Stone 17/05/2019

If you weren't at The London Stone in Staines this past Friday then what the hell were you doing? You most definitely missed out on one of the best nights of live music from all local bands, how silly do you feel now?

This particular night was to celebrate local band Revolution Summer's EP release and as such they had more than a bit of a party with some other well known bands from the area.

First up was Aggro, a brand new band to the scene but most people know the members fairly well from other bands and projects or as locals that are typically found supporting the other bands from the evening. This band are so new in fact that they had their own celebration. It was their debut performance, and what an explosive one it was. Full of mean riffs, angry bass, monstrous drums to boot this performance was something to behold. It's shocking to think just moments before it the show started some of the members were nervous. What was outstanding to see was how quickly that worry faded away as they took to the stage. I couldn't be more thrilled for the guys.

As far as I'm aware the performance went without a hitch. I didn't notice any fuck ups of the sort, so if there were any they covered it up incredibly well. Congrats guys your first show was a hit! If you want to see these guys in all their glory head down to The Holly Tree in Addlestone next Thursday and experience some pure, raw and brutal metal for yourselves! Go on, you know you want to!

Next up we had The Wonder Beers, a popular local band that I know of fairly well from their gigs at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston. A bit of a turn here from heavy metal to more of a hard rock stance with of course a bit of comedy. Because who doesn't love to sing about booze? Well everyone at The London Stone sure loves to sing about it and who can blame them? With a whole heap of cheeky lyrics and stage presence between the three of them it's no wonder they drew in the crowd from the smoking area. These guys are fun and love to jump around and amp a crowd up so of course, they had the crowd running circles amongst each other. If I remember rightly it was during their set that someone ended up crowd surfing. Totally rock n roll.

By this point though the audience are getting super hot and sweaty so there was a much needed break between them and the next band Darko.

Now onto Darko. Darko have managed to obtain quite a fair amount of success in their time together since 2010 and frequently tour - so keep an eye out to see when they're are playing near you, you won't regret it. Darko pull us back into the metal genre as they pull in the entire crowd. They are not only well known in their local area but just as well loved. In fact, you'll find them somewhat locally again on June 14th at The Star Inn, Guildford so you should definitely go over and support them and the venue itself.

It wasn't uncommon to see the punters moshing along to songs during the set. Screaming at the stage, pushing and shoving each other - all in good fun of course - and dancing away together. Something you can't help but smile, laugh and dance away with as well. Musically though Darko are somewhat unique in bringing multiple genres together and it probably has to do with the members and their eclectic tastes in music. Darko have all the heaviness of metal, all the rawness of punk and all the rhythm and soul of blues. Definitely worth checking out!

And now onto the main event. Revolution Summer and their long awaited EP. If you've been lucky enough to see these guys ahead of the release then you may be familiar with their songs. In fact if you head over to my albums section they are still Album Of The Month - which will change when June comes around so if you want it featured go to the contact page. - so I'm not going to go into the music in too much detail as you'll find most of it over there.

What I can talk about however, is seeing them live and what an experience that is. To have a couple of the members turn around to me at the end of the night and admit to me they were hanging from all the booze they'd been drinking actually took me by surprise. Mind you they didn't start till gone 11 so I wasn't surprised that they had a few drinks in them, but the fact that they still managed to perform so excellently obviously took great skill - and concentration I'd imagine.

Seeing Revolution Summer on stage is one of the best things you could wish for. In all honesty I could imagine these guys filling stadiums and playing festivals just because they ooze enough charisma for them to do so. Between happy dances and witty banter the band seem to have it all. They know how to entertain and they all relish and love every second of it. It's almost as though a band with the potential of worldwide success shouldn't be there and they should be at a larger venue. However, that being said all bands should support their local venues and visa versa.

With the night drawing to a close and sweaty bodies almost too tired to go on, the band announce their final song and the crowd are less than amused by this. Screaming about how they want more songs, but unfortunately the clock has ticked away quicker than most had assumed and we can't afford to get any noise complaints. After all, you can't support a local band or venue if there's nowhere to go because they didn't obey the law.

However, the band finish and the nights continues with more and more booze flowing. Can't say I was complaining, I had great fun enjoying the bands and then the booze myself!

So that was that! If you guys want to follow any of these bands then their links are below alongside the venue!






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