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The Young @ The London Stone, Staines

Well, what a blinding show these Staines based lads put on!

So let me give you a bit of background here, I've known about Alfie and Tom for years. They were the year above me at school and as duo they always had the charisma and the talent to make it far in the music business. I stick by that conclusion and they have most definitely found their feet with the inclusion of George and Josh on bass and drums.

The energy that these guys create when they take to the stage is undeniable. The London Stone went from a pub to virtually a stadium in a matter of moments as soon as they picked up their instruments, and the bodies that were once spread across the venue clambered together to get the best view of the lads that they possibly could. It was a sight to behold.

This is a band that have started in small pubs as support acts who, on this night, became the headliners and it's rightly deserved. The bands popularity seems to be gaining momentum with no sign of stopping any time soon. If you ask me they are well on the way to becoming the new Arctic Monkeys.

The gritty cross between indie and post-punk is the right amount of creativity to get the crowds blood pumping as they all scream, cheer and sing the lyrics back to the band whilst wearing their merch. The star quality practically oozes out of each of the members.

The crowd is divine chaos. Each person dancing, moving - almost moshing at times to the beats of the song. There are people jumping on and off stage grabbing at the band members - particularly Alfie as they sing along in to the mic with him. In fact just after the picture above was taken I completely lost site of Alfie as he was crowd-surfing off into the distance. The band hold a lot of trust in their audience as do the audience with the band as most in attendance are familiar faces that never seem to miss a gig. Just look back through the pictures on the Facebook page and you'll see the same regulars.

There isn't a lack of comedy to these guys either. As two or three lads jump on stage the theme for Only Fools and Horses rings out amongst the crowd as everyone sings it right back. Speaking of which there were three songs in particular of the bands that got the crowd riled up. 'Take It From Me' and 'Man At The Top' which you will find on Spotify and their newest released single 'Camera Man'. Although 'Camera Man' was only released just the day before on Spotify the crowd had already memorised the lyrics and were right there singing along with them.

Another track that went down a treat was their cover of Kasabian's 'Club Foot'. I've never seen a crowd move so hysterically as it did in that moment. There were (if my memory serves me correctly) circle pits going on at this exact moment. In fact, it got a little too rough and security were suddenly on standby right next to the pit just in case.

These guys just have the 'it' factor. They know what does and doesn' work for them. They know how to entertain a crowd. And the assuredly know how to get the crowd to play by their rules - they even had them on the floor at one point in time before they told them to jump up and dance again!

I'm really excited about this band and where they are heading. The deserve way more attention than they are already getting. I wouldn't be surprised if they were selling out much bigger venues by the end of this year and on tour the beginning of next year. I've got high hopes for them and I'll be following closely to see what they do next - and so should you.

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